LIVE IN-PERSON 30 CE Hour Advanced Ayurvedic Bodywork & Massage

CE Institute

$595.00 $710.00

Due to extremely low registration for in-person training, we have cancelled our remaining in-person classes.  Most of our students have instead requested that we prerecord self-paced training which can be taken in the comfort of your own home at your own convenience.  We will be continuing our live interactive webinar program, and most of our webinar subjects will be specially prerecorded for discounted self-paced homestudy training. We are sorry that we are unable to hold safe, in-person training at this time due to a lack of enrollment, and will resume in-person training likely after the threat of COVID-19 is over, and once the Florida Board of Massage requires live in-person CE training for license renewal.  All of our live hands-on webinars and prerecorded self-paced hands-on homestudy training is approved for "relevant to massage" hands-on CE credit (the credit normally reserved for in-person training) for the Florida Board of Massage for the August 31, 2023 massage therapist license renewal. 


    This 5-day 30 CE hour Ayurvedic class is offered as live, hands-on, in-person at our school on the following dates:

    • Please select "1 pm October 9, 2022" above for the following 2-day schedule:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, Oct 9-13, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    This class has been scheduled at times to avoid Miami rush hour traffic. All live in-person training during COVID will be provided with 10-minute breaks each hour of class.  A 1-hour meal break is provided in the middle of class, for students to leave campus to eat if they wish. No drinking, eating or removal of mask from the nose or mouth is allowed in our classrooms.



    This advanced class is a 5-day intensive in Ayurvedic Treatments, including various bodyworks and massage.

    Abhyanga (which is also known as Ayurvedic Massage) brings balance and harmony to your clients by following time-tested protocols from this ancient Eastern healing tradition. Learn to perform a full Ayurvedic Massage and learn about the nature of other Ayurvedic bodywork. This class teaches therapists to understand the authentic nature of Ayurveda and provides a good foundation for understanding the 5 Elements and 3 Doshas as they relate to massage and bodywork.

    Individual classes are available for individual modalities in this week long course.  Please click any of the following courses to be taken to the individual course pages:

    In this week-long 30 Hour Course:  students will learn to administer Abhyanga Full Body Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments. The Key Benefits of the different modalities will be discussed as well as contraindications. Students will know how to drape appropriately for each type of bodywork, and how to customize treatments for each Dosha. 

    The Ayurvedic Modalities that will taught, studied and practiced are:

    • Abhyanga Full Body Oil Ayurvedic Custom Massage
    • Indian Poultice Bodywork
    • Shirodhara
    • Ayurvedic Foot, Head & Face Massage

    An instructor demonstration, student practice and receipt will be provided for all modalities.