6 CE FL Mandatories: Ethics, Errors & Rules LIVE CLASS

CE Institute


This one-day class fulfills the Florida State Educational Requirement of the Mandatory Classes which include Ethics, Medical Errors Prevention plus Florida Laws & Rules Review.  Class includes 2 hour segment reviews of:

Ethical Scenario Discussions of different industry work situations and appropriate ethical responses and responsibilities.

Medical Errors Prevention with a review of root-cause medical error analysis, error reduction, error prevention plus patient safety.  We will also review the 5 most recent misdiagnosed conditions in Florida State (as per educational statute requirement). Fun business "tools" and acronyms will be provided to help prevent medical errors, plus info on how to make a massage practice safer, happier and more efficient.

Florida State Massage Therapist Laws will also be reviewed with an Instructor Demonstration of appropriate draping techniques for client safety, comfort and warmth.