6 CE Hour Evidence-Based Massage Therapy with Hands-on Skills

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This course has been submitted and is currently waiting for approval with the NCBTMB plus FL, GA, SC & TN Boards of Massage.

This training consists of the first 6-hours of our 12 CE Hour Advanced Evidence-Based Massage Therapy & Bodywork with Hands-on Skills Course.  Please click HERE if you would like to register for the 12-hour training that includes this 6-hour course.

Clinical practitioners, including licensed massage therapists, should always practice with an evidence-based approach.  Evidence-based work can validate a practitioner's treatment as therapeutic and effective. 

In this 6-hour class, we will review dozens of massage-related published medical research studies.  This includes reviewing research differences between case studies, clinical trials and systematic reviews. We will simultaneously use this research to teach similar hands-on skills and bodywork approaches that are used in the research studies.  By the end of class, practitioners should find that the reviewed research and simultaneous hands-on practice has improved, validated and/or corrected hands-on skills. 

The medical research and hands-on skills that will be reviewed in this evidence based training includes:

  • DOI or digital object identifier definition and use
  • The difference between case studies, comparative research, clinical trials and reviews
  • The difference between blind and double blind research studies
  • The difference between high and low quality research studies
  • Retrograde application
  • Pain relief achieved through massage therapy application
  • Timing and frequency of massage therapy appointments and applications
  • Various massage and bodywork research papers and studies

This is an extremely fast-paced course to review as much research, medical condition and practice as possible in 6 hours.  Some of the hands-on skills reviewed in these research studies will require further hands-on training beyond the time we have to teach in this evidence based course.  The same applies to all of the massage and bodywork modalities reviewed in this course.  We will simply review research of various massage therapy and bodywork practices, and therapists should seek additional training in any field where they would like to practice more.  

This course is designed to provide massage therapists innumerous amounts of research to both validate and improve their work.

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