3 CE Hour Intro to Lomi Lomi Massage

CE Institute LLC


This Hawaiian massage class teaches mostly the ancient temple style Lomi, with strokes from heel to head and back.  Class consists of a brief history lesson about Hawaii and lomi practice, plus a quick review of Ahupua’a, Ho'oponopono, chanting and the Hawaiian heiau plus an instructor demonstration of Lomi Lomi Massage.  There is no time for hands-on practice in this short 3 CE hour class.

The lomi strokes that will be demonstrated in this intro class include:

  • Prone: Short & Long Back Strokes
  • Prone: Hand & Forearm Strokes Heel to Head (and back)
  • Prone: Sole of Foot Forearm Stroking
  • Prone: Heel to Wrist Stroking (and back)
  • Supine:Face Work with Forearms
  • Supine: Wrist to Waste Stroking
  • Supine: Simultaneous Chest & Back Strokes
  • Supine: Abdominal Work (optional)
  • Supine: Simultaneous Anterior & Posterior Leg Strokes
  • Supine: Foot Work with Forearms