12 CE Hour Chair Massage + Foot Reflexology

CE Institute

$250.00 $295.00

This 12 Hour CE Class combines both chair massage work and foot reflexology which can be executed at corporations, businesses, events, as house-calls, at parties or in-office.  The clients will remain clothed during all of the demonstrated services - there is no undressing required for chair massage or foot reflexology. 

Students will learn how to work on clients who are clothed to apply this massage and bodywork at events, corporations and more.  Students will review bodywork to apply on a client's head, scalp, back, arms, shoulders, hands and hips in the chair, plus students will learn a variety of foot reflexology routines with basics principles.

    In the 6 hours decicated towards Chair Massage , we will review some business basics about how to execute a chair massage on-site event on your own plus the common supplies required for a proper, proficient and business-building chair massage operation.   Class includes instructor demonstration of various chair massage techniques that can be provided to the general public.  We will quickly review some chair contraindications plus scientific research that shows the benefits of a quick chair massage routine. 

     In the 6 hours of basic foot reflexology training, students will learn:

    • Foot Reflexology Definition
    • History
    • Theories of How Foot Reflexology Works/Working Theories
    • Review of Different Foot Charts (where reflex points are commonly found regardless of which chart is used)
    • Visual Review of a "Fake" Reflexology Chart
    • 24+ Reflex Points with Standard Reflexology Moves (Lung Press, Spinal Twist & Ankle Boogie)
    • Application Suggestions
    • Contraindications
    • Instructor Demonstration of Foot Reflexology Sessions in supinated, pronated and seated positions

    Students will be provided a chance to practice along simultaneously with instructor demonstrations during training.

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