12 CE Hour Neuromuscular Therapy

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 This 12 CE Hour Neuromuscular Therapy is offered as a 1-day or 2-day Class on the following dates:

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There is a 10 minute break each class hour.


    This 12 CE Hour Neuromuscular Therapy class Includes:

    • NMT Benefits
    • Postural & Functional Evaluations
    • Nerve Entrapment & Ischemia
    • Assessing & Addressing Pain
    • Goniometer Practice
    • Joint ROM
    • Pain Relief Agencies & Organizations
    • Treatment Suggestions
    • Extended Instructor Demonstrations
    • Extended Hands-on Practice & Receipt

    NMT Hands-on Protocols that may be included or practiced in this class include:

    • Elevated Shoulder NMT Work Treatment Protocol
    • Forearms NMT Work Treatment Protocol
    • Hamstring NMT Work Treatment Protocol
    • Hip NMT Work Treatment Protocol
    • NMT Work Treatment Protocol of Paraspinal Muscles
    • Rounded Shoulder/Hyper Kyphosis NMT Treatment Protocol

    By the end of this class, students will be able to perform a neuromuscular therapy postural evaluation of their clients plus have a variety of manual NMT protocols and hands-on techniques to help alleviate pain, postural dysfunction, trigger points and other physical body dysfunctions.

    12 CE Hour Neuromuscular Therapy FL CE Broker Course #20-568131

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    This live class will be held at: CE Institute LLC, 111 NE 1st Street, 9th Floor, Miami FL 33132. 

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    This Neuromuscular Therapy class was written and is taught by CE Institute LLC Founder, Selena Belisle.  Selena Belisle teaches the majority of NMT Classes at CE Institute LLC when they do not specifically list another our master instructors on this course page.

    Selena has been practicing Neuromuscular Therapy for 25 years and Massage Therapy for 30 years.  She started with sports massage when she was competing on Team USA in the Athens Greece Olympic Stadium for her 1st World Championship title in 1989.  She went on to win 3 WAF World Titles in Arm Wresting and other various minor sport titles.  After the height of her professional athletic career, Selena sought formal “full body” massage therapy training at the Massage Institute of New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts – which touched upon Neuromuscular Therapy in their 1000+ hour program in 1995.

    In 1995, Selena also took her first class with Paul St. John at the American Massage Therapy Association National Convention in Boston, MA.  She went on to complete numerous Neuromuscular Therapy Certifications in Paul St. John NMT from 1997 to 1999.  She has also trained in the 1990s in Neuromuscular Therapy with David Kent.  Selena has additionally taken multiple online theoretical studies in structural integration and NMT with Theresa A. Schmidt, Judy Delany, Lu Mueller-Kaul, and Doug Nelson of Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. 

    Selena has spent decades training, practicing and teaching NMT, deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, postural integration and other integrative bodyworks.  With this experience, Selena created a style of postural evaluation and easy/quasi “fix-it” routines for a quick, simplified practice of NMT.  Selena’s NMT classes are for beginner to intermediate skill level practitioners.  Selena recommends intermediate to advanced NMT training classes from Theresa Schmidt, Judy Delany, David Kent or Lu Mueller-Kaul.

    CE Institute LLC prides itself in providing the very best of instructors and educational experiences for our students.  Sign-up today and prepare yourself for an incredible 5-star learning experience. 

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