12 CE Hour Oncology Education & Bodywork for Cancer Patients $185

CE Institute


All 12+ CE Hour Live Classes will receive a FREE 12 CE Hour Online Class which includes the mandatory FL License renewal courses: 2 CE Ethics, 2 CE Errors Prevention & 2 CE FL Laws + a 6 CE Elective in Geriatrics.  Please check your email for your online course login info after registration. You will have 1-week to earn your FREE Online CE Hours. Students who do not attend a 12+ CE Live Course can pay $19.95 for this Online Course.


This class is offered as 1-day & 2-day Class.  Please Click HERE for the 2-day Class.  The next 1-day class is offered:

  • Sunday, August 25, 2019, 9 am to 9:30 pm.  This class will have a 30-minute lunch break at 3 pm and 10 minute breaks every hours of class.

In this class, we provide basic education about different cancer types, plus which are "safe" to work with, and which maybe contraindicated (and the latest reasoning of "why"). We review the different types of cancer treatments available today, and how to navigate complex oncology contraindications.  We will also learn about the Lymphatic System and how to practice Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques for Lymphedema (a common post-cancer treatment need). Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques are limited to the extremities (arms and/or legs).  And, class includes a 2nd bodywork session - we will practice and receive a "Sweet Session", which is a bodywork treatment that can be provided when "regular" massage is contraindicated - for all types of clients including terminal and those fighting cancer.

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