1-Year Video Rental for Past Students: Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage

CE Institute LLC


This is a 1-year rental for past CE Institute LLC Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage students to re-review the hands-on trigger point instruction covered in class. Please do not attempt to purchase this package unless you have already purchased/taken the 18 CE Hour Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage at CE Institute LLC.* Please email the school at info@CeInstitute.com, if you are seeking a video rental package for a different class other than this one.

Please note that the videos include in this package are the hands-on practice demonstrations only.  This video rental package also includes access to redownload the student handouts that were provided during your past trigger point therapy training.  The package does not include the theory, history or science presentations that were provided during training.

The videos included in this package are as follows:

  • STUDENT ACTIVITY: MLD Self Joint Pumping
  • MLD Hands-on Techniques: Terminus, Stretching & Stroking
  • STUDENT ACTIVITY: Water Bowl Stretching & Stroking
  • MLD Hands-on Techniques: Scooping, V-flush & Belly Pumping
  • Hands-on MLD Practice for Acute Arm and Leg Swelling
  • Hands-on Instruction & MLD Practice for Chronic Arm & Leg Swelling
  • MLD Posterior Torso Treatment
  • Hands-on Live Model Practice: Posterior Torso, Venous Return & Wave
  • Hands-on Live Model Practice: Full Body MLD Treatment

The student materials/files included as pdf documents in this package are as follows:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Full Body.pdf
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Extremity Basics.pdf
  • Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage Sequence.pdf
  • MLD Lymphatic Drainage Acute Arm Sequence.pdf
  • MLD Lymphatic Drainage Chronic Leg Sequence.pdf
  • MLD Lymphatic Drainage Chronic Arm Sequence.pdf
  • MLD Lymphatic Drainage Acute Leg Sequence.pdf

There is NO new CE credit or certificate provided for independently re-reviewing past training materials.  

After purchasing this video rental package, please check your email for your video rental package access.  One email will have a blue button where you can click to login and access your hands-on trigger point therapy videos and student hand-outs.  If you cannot find the blue button in your email you can also visit the following website: 

USERNAME: (enter your email address here)
PASSWORD:  (click "Forgot your password)

Our computer system will then end send you an email with a password reset to login and create your own password after your video rental purchase.

If you require further assistance, please email us at info@CeInstitute.com 

* Any customer who purchases this package without previously purchasing or completing CE Institute LLC's trigger point therapy training will have their package cancelled without a refund.  There is a $25 administrative fee to cancel a package - hence no refund.