1 CE Hour Spine Anatomy & Back Pathology E-book Course ONLINE

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This VERY BRIEF 1 CE Hour Course Includes Visual Pictures and Information About:

  • Sections of the Spine, 
  • Foramen, 
  • Facet Joints, 
  • Low Back Congenital Anomalies, 
  • Vertebral Discs & Conditions, 
  • Sciata, Piriformis Syndrome & Ridicular Pain, 
  • Spinal Stenosis & Lamenctomy. 

This course does not include all possible back pathologies.  A course that includes all back pathology would take over 100 CE Hours.  This 1 CE Hour Course provides basic information about the human spine and several different pathologies that can afflict it.  The course does not go into great detail with every ailment - however it does cover an enormous amount of information for 1 CE Hour.

This course is only eligible for CE Credit for Florida State Massage Therapists with the Florida Board of Massage. The course is not eligible for CE Credit with any other municipality, organization or board.

After you register for this course, we will send you an email with a link to access your online course. You will need to click on that email link to access your online course. You will have 3 days from the time of purchase to view your online course and take your test to earn your 1 Hour of CE credit.  Please do not purchase this course if you are not ready to take it - this course will expire within 72-hours of purchase.  We will report your CE hour to CE Broker for FL Licensed Therapists after you pass your test! Thanks!

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