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The study of lymphatics and manual drainage techniques have become one of the fastest growing modalities of our industry today. Lymphatic drainage can help with post-surgical conditions, reconstructive cases, burns, edema, cancer treatment side-effects, sports injuries and much more.  Watch this instructor demonstration to view the light pressure, placement and techniques of facial lymphatic drainage, plus learn about the medical research, science and theories that influence this highly effective work.   FBOC Course #0500996

A $10 Deposit is required to reserve your FREE space.  This $10 Deposit is REFUNDED with your completion of class; or, if you change or cancel your attendance with 7 days notice prior to class.  There is no refund within 7 Days of Class.  We only charge the $10 deposit because ALL/100% of past attendees who signed-up (without a deposit) for the free 1 CE Hour Class do not show-up :(

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