Thank you for subscribing to a payment plan.

Thank you for your payment towards for your 12 CE Hour $185 Live Class Registration at CE Institute, 111 NE 1st Street, Miami FL 33132. You are viewing this page because payment has been processed. Here is some vital information about the deposit/balance payments plus class registration/attendance:

After paying your $25 Class Deposit, the balance of $160 will be due 2-weeks prior to the start of class (or anytime before). Please revisit this class page to pay the $160 balance. A student will forfeit their seat in live class if they do not pay their $160 balance 2-weeks prior to the start of class. The $25 live class deposits are not refundable, so if the student cancels their seat or does not pay the balance on-time, the student will then receive a 1-year $25 credit which can be used towards another CE Institute class or product.

After you have paid your $160 balance, you will need to provide 7-days notice to change or cancel your registration prior to the start or class or else there will be no refund or exchange. If you provide 7-days notice to change or cancel your class, we will refund your $160 payment and provide a 1-year $25 credit which can be used towards another CE Institute class or product. You can view all of our payment and school policies by clicking on our [FAQS] ( page by clicking [HERE] (

Here is some additional information that you may find helpful for your attendance. Please review this information and contact us if you have any questions. You can email us at or call us at 786-505-7001.

Please be early for class. We provide a comfortable environment including including a student break area with coffee, tea, spring water and snacks if you are early (please do not arrive more than 1-hour early for class). We start on-time and there is some paperwork you will need to fill out before we start. CE Institute cannot provide full CE Credit (or a refund) for tardiness; and, you might not be able to participate in class if miss too much of it. There are 10 minute breaks every hour of every class. A 40 minute lunch break is providing during select classes. Lunch breaks are provided during 12 Hour Classes and 6 CE Hour Classes that start at 1 pm. There is no lunch break for 6 CE Hour Classes that start at 9 am or 3:30 pm. Restaurant options are very limited during Sundays, so we strongly suggest to bring your own food if you wish to eat so that you do not miss any class (or CE Credit). We have a student break area with lunch tables and chairs, fridge, freezer, microwaves and toaster oven in our learning center which you can use during breaks and meal time. You are allowed to eat in class during class lecture/theory - but not during the hands-on portion of class.

Please bring a couple hand towels, a face cradle cover and sheets (top and bottom) for the massage tables. There are a couple special requirements for Prenatal and Hot Stone Classes. Please bring a couple pillows (with pillow cases) to prenatal class. Please bring WHITE (or light colored) hand towels for hot stone class. We will provide massage therapy tables, lotions and everything else for all classes.

If you show unprepared without sheets, you will need to purchase them to perform the practical "hands-on" portion of class. Clean sheets (that were previously used but laundered/clean) are available to use for $10 per set. You do not have to perform hands-on work in class if you do not want to - but you do need to remain in the classroom during all class time including hands-on work for CE credit.

Wear clothing and footwear that will be APPROPRIATE to perform bodywork. No high-heels, flip flops or shoes that would slip while pushing or lunging. Please refrain from excess nudity, body order, strong scents, inappropriate footwear or restrictive clothing. Fingernails must be short and trimmed (no medium or long nails or acrylics, etc.). You may be prohibited from participating in physical hands-on bodywork if you are unable to do so safely because of inappropriate attire, hygiene or other personal issues.

Please bring your Florida State Massage Therapist License #. We will need this to enter your CE Hours on CE Broker.

Live classes will be held on the 9th Floor of 111 NE 1st Street, Miami FL 33132. Please use a GPS to get to this location and please pay special attention to the address that is entered into the GPS. Many street names are similar in downtown Miami and some students get lost, are late for class and do not receive full CE credit. It is recommended to arrive early for class and relax in our student break room rather than show late or get lost and not receive full CE credit.

Thank you again for your registration and we will look forward to seeing you in Live Class!!!