As of right now, CE INSTITUTE LLC is only offering ONLINE CLASSES.  Our physical school is closed to students.  When we reopen, we will institute strict policies which may include:

  • All staff and students must show proof of vaccination for COVID-19.
  • No one will be allowed in class or on campus with a fever or any outward signs of illness.
  • Face covering will be required at all times while on campus.  The school will provide face coverings.  Anyone may bring a new packaged face covering to class and unwrap it in front of the instructor to use (if it seems acceptable to the instructor).  We cannot allow used or unwrapped home face coverings in class because we do not have a gauge to determine their cleanliness.
  • Hand sanitizing is required every time entering school and before hands-on practice.
  • Students may wear new gloves on campus.  Used or dirty gloves will not be permitted.  In some cases, the school or instructor may require a student to wear gloves which can be instituted at any time for any reason. The school will provide gloves to any student who wishes to use them, or is required to use them.
  • In most cases, classes will be limited to 12 students (although there may be exceptions for more at the school's discretion).
  • No leaving campus/3rd floor until lunch period (if a lunch period is offered during class).
  • Temperature checks will be required with the entry to campus, every 2 hours of class and/or at any time any appearance of outward signs of illness are observed.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will be required to leave campus/class with a pro-rated refund.  A contactless thermometer will be used by the instructor and provided by the school.
  • 6 feet social distancing required during lecture, theory, break time and lunch period.
  • Students will be required to regularly wipe down/sanitize their desks, tables and other fixtures used during class.  The school will provide all sanitation items.
  • The school will provided linens for students to use if they participate in hands-on practice.  Students may not bring or use their own linens.
  • Excessive baggage is not permitted on campus.  Please do not bring anything other than your required medications or other absolute essential items.  We will not allow students bags or other personal property in the school campus.
  • The school will frequently using chemical wipes, sprays and other sanitation materials regularly, before, after and throughout the class.  Students who do not wish for this chemical exposure should seek a different school.
  • Students may be required to provide a doctor's note of health after completing the health questionnaire.
  • Class times/dates may be changed or be cancelled due to low enrollment or any other school needs or requirements such as limiting the amount of time a student remains in the learning environment per day.
  • Any other government requirements or mandates.


Students who register for class will need to provide in writing the following prior to the day of class.  This is only a DRAFT of our health questionnaire and the one provided prior to class may be an altered version:

Have you been tested for COVID-19?  If yes, when were you tested and what was the result?

Have you been in contact with anyone who is known to have COVID-19 within the past two weeks?

Have you been to an area which is known to be a COVID hotspot within the past two weeks?

Please disclose if you are experiencing any of the following as a NEW PATTERN since the beginning of the pandemic (March 2020):  Chills, Cough, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Fever, Loss of Taste, Loss of Smell, Nasal or Sinus Congestion, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Sudden onset of muscle soreness, Rash or Skin Lesions?


Anyone attending class will be required to sign the following agreement.  Again, this is only a draft agreement and the final provided in class may be an altered version.  You will have a chance to read it before attending class to decide if you can agree to participate:

I understand that close contact with people increases the risk of transmission and/or infection of COVID-19.  COVID-19 is known to be a transmissable virus that can cause serious medical illness including death.  By signing this form, I acknowledge that I am aware that I will attend a group class with other participants and that my attendance risks the transmission of COVID-19. I understand that I may participate in the class without touching anyone or allowing anyone to touch me and still receive full credit and certification for attending the class.  Please indicate which participation option you would like for this class:

___ I give consent for hands-on practice in this class knowing there is potential risk of COVID-19 transmission.  I will receive full credit for attending the class regardless of hands-on practice or participation.

___ I will not participate in the hands-on practice in this class in an attempt to reduce the risk of possible COVID-19 transmission. I give consent for my attendance in this class knowing there is potential risk of COVID-19 transmission whether or not I participate in hands-on practice. I will receive full credit for attending the class regardless of hands-on practice or participation.

I also understand that my name and contact information might be shared with the state health department (or any other appropriate agency) in the event that anyone at this facility tests positive for COVID-19.  My contact details and class information will only be shared if it is deemed relevant with a suspected COVID-19 exposure for appropriate follow-up.


This is a "working list" of pandemic requirements and we welcome feedback from students and other professionals on how they think we might be able to offer class in a safe and responsible manner during the pandemic.  In-person classes will eventually resume; however, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND BOOKING AIRFARE, HOTELS OR INCURRING ANY EXPENSES WITH YOUR CLASS REGISTRATION BECAUSE WE CANNOT GUARANTEE ANY CLASS WILL BE HELD DURING THE PANDEMIC.  Any classes cancelled or cut short by CE Institute LLC will be prorated with a refund for any portion that the class was not provided.  Refunds will NOT exceed the price of class.  Any class cancelled by a student will also receive a full 100% refund if they cancel due to illness (minus any time or credit they received in class).

ANY STUDENT WHO DOES NOT FOLLOW OUR COVID RELATED POLICIES WILL BE DISCHARGED FROM CLASS WITHOUT WARNING OR A REFUND. These policies will be reviewed at the start of class for all attendee's benefit.  Tardy arrivals will not be provided entry to class or a refund. We are instituting these policies to ensure the safest environment possible during this pandemic.  CE INSTITUTE LLC reserves the right to discharge any student from class at any time for any reason.  Please review our full list of school policies and FAQS to attend our live classes by clicking HERE.