6 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue for Shoulders, Neck and Chest

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The next 6 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue for Shoulders, Neck and Chest  class will be scheduled on:

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A 10 minute break will be provided for each class hour.

    This 6 CE Hour Advanced Deep Tissue for Shoulders, Neck and Chest - Class Includes:

    • Work on Shoulders, Neck & Chest 
    • Instructor Demonstration & Guidance
    • Hands-On Practice & Receipt
    • Review of Deep Tissue Massage Studies & Research
    • Review of Deep Tissue Contraindications
    • Intensity Scale Instruction
    • Anatomical Review
    • Speed, Direction & Depth of Stroke Work Instruction

    The Instructor will Review Contact Point Work with Your:

    • Dull Elbow
    • Pointy Elbow
    • Forearm/Ulnar Pressure
    • Supported Fist (2 Different types)
    • Fist with 1st Knuckles &/or 2nd Knuckles
    • Palm & Hand-over-Hand
    • Mother Hand
    • The use of thumbs to apply pressure is highly discouraged (and not allowed in this 6 hour portion of class)

    The Advanced Techniques Practiced in this Class will Include:

    • Ischemic Compression
    • Neuromuscular Therapy
    • Traction & Stretching
    • Stripping & Strumping
    • Extreme Myofascial Work

    We will also review Advanced Deep Tissue Science & Research which shows (the following list are highly redacted/generalized abstracts):

    • Deep tissue massage significantly improves shoulder range of motion (2017)
    • Deep tissue massage can break down fibrotic tissues in Breast Cancer Survivors'Radiation-induced Fibrosis (2014)
    • Deep tissue massage helped improve chest wall function in idiopathic scoliosis (2009)

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    This live class will be held at: CE Institute LLC, 111 NE 1st Street, 9th Floor, Miami FL 33132.

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    This advanced class was written by CE Institute LLC Founder, Selena Belisle.  Selena Belisle teaches the majority of advanced classes at CE Institute LLC.  She specifically teaches all advanced classes that do not list our other master instructors such as Ben Benjamin or Wendy Langen.

    Selena has been practicing massage therapy for 30 years.  She started when she was competing on Team USA in the Athens Greece Olympic Stadium for her 1st World Championship title.  She went on to win 3 WAF World Titles in Arm Wresting and other various minor sport titles.  After the height of her professional athletic career, Selena sought formal “full body” massage therapy training in 1995 in a 1,000+ hour program at the Massage Institute of New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts – the same city where other schools such as MIT and Harvard University are located.

    Selena endured a serious life-threatening motorcycle accident after graduating from massage school. She awoke from a coma, temporarily paralyzed, blind, on advanced life support, with a severe brain injury, sepsis plus overwhelming organ and orthopedic damage and trauma. She spent the majority of a Summer in the Boston Medical Center between the SICU and floor where she "coded" several times. Once discharged, Selena was sent home emaciated (90 lbs), in casts, unable to walk, work or lie flat (supine or prone) and in need of multiple follow-up surgeries. She overcame this accident through daily massage and regular chiropractic/acupuncture holistic care. Selena rehabilitated herself all the way back into professional athletics and won her last U.S. National Arm Wrestling title 8 years after this devastating accident. Selena has a profound knowledge and interest in the human body and how to achieve its optimal health, healing and function.

    Selena’s education in advanced modalities include numerous Paul St. John Neuromuscular Therapy live class Certifications, live Myofascial Release courses with John Barnes, Robert King and George Kousaleos of the CORE Institute, live class Traditional Chinese Medicine Certifications from the Beijing Hospital and New England School of Acupuncture as well as hundreds of other live and online classes and trainings. Selena also managed over 40 massage therapists, 4 acupuncturists and 4 chiropractors in an alternative health care practice which she founded in Braintree & Quincy, Massachusetts from 1996 to 2005 (which she successfully sold).  Selena also worked on various athletes from the New England Patriots during the time that they succeeded to legendary status.  She spent 5-years training and managing a 2nd staff as a Newbury Street Spa Owner in Boston, MA.  You can view a more complete list of Selena’s accolades including her publications, training and experience by clicking HERE. Selena’s industry experience and training would be difficult to surpass.

    CE Institute LLC prides itself in providing the very best of instructors and educational experiences for our students.  Sign-up today and prepare yourself for an incredible 5-star learning experience. 

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