Your Brain Rocks! By CranioSacral Therapy Instructor Michelle Stoppi

Your Brain Rocks! By CranioSacral Therapy Instructor Michelle Stoppi

By Michelle Stoppi, MA, LMT, CranioSacral Therapy Program Director at CE Institute LLC, Miami FL

My breath paused when I first saw this image of the ventricles in the brain.  What a lovely bird tethered to a post…

“The mind is fastened to prana like a bird tethered to a post that flies tither and hither before coming to rest on the post in deep sleep or meditation.”

Swami Sivananda

The movement of the bird that Sivananda speaks about is mirrored by the Sphenoid and Occiput in the cranium as they dance & rock along with the cranial rhythm.  In the centered mind, the sphenoid (the part of the cranium behind the eyes) rocks with more symmetry. When the sphenoid movements are twisted or off center, so is the mind.  The shape of the sphenoid bone resembles a bird, bat or butterfly. It meets the occiput at the Sphenobasilar junction (joint).   The Sphenoid rests in neutral on the Sphenobasilar Junction in deep sleep and meditation.   This is the “post” where the sphenoid meets the occipital bone. (You can refer to the 3d image in a prior post at to see Sphenoid movement at the SB Joint.)

The Pineal Gland (a rice sized gland— known as the spirits master gland of light energy) is located above the Sphenoid.  On the top of the Sphenoid is a landmark called the “Cella Turcica” (the Turkish Saddle).  The master gland of light “rides” on the waves of the Sphenoid bone.

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