Harnessing the Energy of Mulabanda thru the CranioSacral Tides

Harnessing the Energy of Mulabanda thru the CranioSacral Tides

By Michelle Stoppi, MA, LMT, CranioSacral Therapy Program Director at CE Institute LLC, Miami FL

Mulabanda is a yogic practice that helps to reduce the dissipation of energy in Asana. In Hatha Yoga, it is the gentle intentional movement downward of the tailbone and the pubic bone, independently of the hip bones, lengthening and descending until they meet each other “electro-magnetically” at the end of the movement. A powerful yet subtle inner lift ensues…a sensation of energy rising upward thru the Sashumna Nadi. This action of Mulabanda acts as a “reconnect switch” to help the spirit to enter fully into the body, for us to be fully present and alive.

The Midtide

In Craniosacral Biodynamics, the midtide level of the cranial waves create a “tidal surge of energy” that emanates in the sacrum region and builds up as it travels toward the head. Then it subsides back down to the sacrum once again and so on in about a 24-28 second full cycle. It is a scientific and physically palpable movement.

What do these two remarkable yet seemingly independent actions have in common?

When we rest our attention on the gentle downward floating movement of tailbone and pubic bone to find Mulabanda, we are inadvertently honing in on the Midtide Craniosacral current. The bones can float downward naturally, having “caught a wave” on the downward flow of this cranial current.

Stay with me here…In Craniosacral dynamics, to enhance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, we follow the bones to their end range of cranial motion and hold them there, with a little extra nudge of traction to take them further. This is what is happening when we engage Mulabanda. We are allowing the tailbone to go to its full end range of motion in what ideally is its natural Craniosacral movement along with the pubic bone, and with a little extra awareness we hold them there to meet each other. No voluntary muscle contractions of the pelvic floor are necessary for Mulabanda to occur.

What happens next is incredible. Because of Mulabanda, the new midtidal cranial wave surge that emanates upward (and up the dural tube–the region of the Sashumna Nadi) is even stronger. You feel the sense of internal lifting as the midtidal surge floods upward in more abundance than before. As mentioned earlier, this is a physically palpable wave. The tissues move along with it. Because of Mulabanda, the pelvic diaphragm (made of fascia, a type of connective tissue) domes upward.

In this way, Mulabanda embodies and stokes the inner fire. We are enabling YOGA to occur–actually yoking the physical body with the spirit or energy body– by enhancing cranial waves which act in the liquid crystalline matrix of the spirit body.


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