CranioSacral Instructor Michelle Stoppi shares the Breath Behind the Breath

CranioSacral Instructor Michelle Stoppi shares the Breath Behind the Breath

By Michelle Stoppi, MA, LMT, CranioSacral Therapy Program Director at CE Institute LLC, Miami FL

Are you aware there is another physical expansion and contraction of breath in the body? It doesn’t come from the lungs…it comes from the source of life itself!

Modern man (and all life on earth) is believed to have originated from the ocean. As descendants of the sea, the theory presented in Hugh Milne’s Book “The Heart of Listening” is that the evolution of “Primary Respiration” enabled creatures to bring the ocean along within them as an encapsulated system in order to be able to make the transition to dry land.

Pretty cool…huh?

The Breathe of Life, aka Primary Respiration, is expressed as the cranial tides expand and contract from the core (root & sacrum) area outward to the head, and then back to the root and sacrum– along with the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. It is a hydraulic-like pumping system within the ventricles of the brain and spinal column. Primary breathe echoes throughout the entire body. As a physically palpable whole unit, it moves in the same directions as the 5 internal Yogic Vayus, or pranic winds.

Yoga, pranayama and meditation, when practiced with conscious awareness, aid in the expansion and contraction of primary breath.  To learn about these concepts and more, please click HERE to view available CranioSacral Therapy Classes with Michelle at CE Institute LLC, Miami FL.


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